04/08/2016 - St. Catharines Standard

Critics Say Wetlands Relocation Plan All Wet

by: Karena Walter

04/08/2016 - Niagara At Large

A Bid To Destroy A Forested Wetland In Niagara On Hold For Now

by: Dr. John Bacher

04/08/2016 - Niagara This Week

Turtle-huggers choose wetlands over billion-dollar investment

by: James Culic

04/08/2016 - Niagara This Week

Wetland Controversy Left Adrift At Region

by: Paul Forsyth

04/11/2016 - Niagara At Large

Bid By China Interest Must Be Spiked - ASAP!

by: Doug Draper

04/11/2016 - ByKarl

The Dish With Many Knives

by: Karl Dockstader

04/13/2016 - Niagara At Large

LaFleche: Be Smarter On Wetlands, NPCA

by: Grant LaFleche

04/13/2016 - Niagara Falls Review

'Shameful:' Council Blasts Lack Of Wetland Info

by: John Law

04/15/2016 - Niagara Advance

'Empowered Community' Can Protect Wetland

by: Penny Coles

04/24/2016 - Niagara Falls Review

$1B Development Proposal Going Before Council

by: Ray Spiteri

04/26/2016 - St. Catharines Standard

LaFleche: Pavlov's Regional Audits

by: Grant LaFleche

04/27/2016 - Niagara Falls Review

Developer Willing To Work With Residents

by: Ray Spiteri

04/28/2016 - Niagara This Week

'Paradise' Development Proponents Scrap Wetland Offsetting Plan

by: Melinda Cheevers

04/29/2016 - Council of Canadians

WIN! Developer drops 'biodiversity offsetting proposal

by: Brent Patterson