04/15/2015 - GR Investment Group

RTKL visited the Thundering Waters development

06/17/2015 - Globe and Mail

The Making of Michael Chan

by: Craig Offman

08/04/2015 - Ancient Forest Exploration & Research

ontario's black gums

by: Nate Torenvliet

08/11/2015 - GR Investment Group

Meeting with the steering committee


10/05/2015 - Bullet News Niagara

wetland system should be 'overhauled'

by: Kris Dube


10/06/2015 - Niagara At Large

Ontario's wetland protection policy under public review

by: Dr. John Bacher

10/18/2015 - GR Invesment Group

the land transfer of thundering waters


10/30/2015 - Niagara Falls Review

Chinese development 'significant milestone' for niagara

by: Ray Spiteri & Tony Ricciuto

10/30/2015 - Niagara This Week

chinese investment in niagara 'a very big deal': diodati

by: Richard Hutton

11/05/2015 - WBFO 88.7

Niagara Falls project spurred by chinese investment

by: Mike Desmond

11/13/2015 - Niagara This Week

chinese investors find 'paradise' in niagara falls

by: Richard Hutton

11/13/2015 - Niagara Falls Review

china trip 'huge success': diodati

by: Ray Spiteri

11/18/2015 - Niagara Falls Review

Foreign investment key in global economy: diodati

by: Ray Spiteri

11/27/2015 - John Bacher PHD

petty politics in niagara drives review of provincial wetland policy

by: Dr. John Bacher